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  • BROWSE THE TASK IN 1 AND PLAN YOUR ARTICLE. TAKE DOWN NOTES INTO THE CHART. Who will be you going to talk about? First example of why he / she is funny? Second illustration of why he/she is funny?
  • Article Question: You’ve got been asked by the editor of one’s school magazine to publish an article regarding the topic that is following. – Write your article when it comes to magazine (around 140-190 words). Today’s television « A load of old rubbish » or « More choice than ever before »? Is today’s television still the best value for money?

  • Writing a study A group of students from Australiais coming to stay in your town as an element of an exchange programme. The director has asked you to definitely write a short report places that are suggesting group should visit and activities they are able to indulge in throughout their stay. Lire la suite