Overseas Journal of wellness Policy and Management (IJHPM)


Global Journal of wellness Policy and Management (IJHPM) is a worldwide and multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that considers any original share improving or shedding lights on wellness policy research and training, or supplying proof about developing, applying, and analysing wellness policies. IJHPM is supposed to boost interaction among wellness system scientists, policy and decision-makers, legislators, specialists, and professionals. IJHPM posts diverse types of articles. Various types of articles are susceptible to peer-review. The log posts the next kinds of share:

IJHPM Article Kinds:


Editorials will be the message associated with IJHPM and they are written in-house because of the log’s Editorial Board users. Editorials are ideally a maximum of 2000 terms. These offer state of this art conversations regarding the IJHPM primary scopes. an unstructured abstract is necessary for these kind of articles.


These articles present views or conversations ( with site web a message that is clear concerning a concern of wellness policy and administration interest without any significantly more than 2000 terms. Lire la suite

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